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Mackied is a bin tycoon that loves the world of bin weevils. He has many friends and has a magazine on binweevils and a website that are both called the muddy times.This is his first blog.He is now an author on bin master and dramaqueen180s bin weevils help guide


Sean please can you add your profile


MI2012 please add you profile


Mrlled please add your profile

34 comments on “Author profiles
  1. kieran6955 says:

    Mackied, can i become an author?

  2. Darren9547 says:

    Dear Mackied,

    Please may the send the invitation to ,as is currently blocked.
    Many Thanks,


  3. MikeyLikey says:

    How Many Authors Do You Have In Total, How Many Editors Do You Have In Total And How Many Administrators/Co-Owners Do You Have?

  4. Neb2351 says:

    Hey Mackied can I become an author?
    I’ll let you become an author on my site if you let me be an author on yours. Im NOT blackmailing!
    It’s just for some reason seanlego7 deleted me so I’m not an author on any other site besides mine.



  5. hello202 says:

    mackied please may you tell me whats the web address for that email like
    please commet me
    i awaits for your reply

  6. phurplebw says:

    I cant put mine on it, what do I do?

  7. Neb2351 says:

    Hey Mackied will I add some info on myself here?

  8. Roxo9263 says:

    I would like to be an author on here and my email is:

  9. Hello could I be an editor please?
    You can send the email to: and as well I really like your blog! šŸ™‚
    Many Thanks Jjs63

    • Mackied says:

      Hi jjs65,

      At the moment, I am only going to add you as a author.
      My last experience with a editor didn’t end well, They change almost everything. After a while, I think you could be an editor. I’m just a bit worried about adding someone as an author strait away. Look out for the email soon.


    • Mackied says:

      I’m going to wait until I know who I need to delete.

  10. hello202 says:

    Hey, Could i be a author please? Its would be a privillage to become a
    Se ya

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