*Bumper Post!* Bin Pet Paradise NOW OPEN!

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Hey Bin Weevils And Bin Pets!

Bin pet month may be over, but that didn’t stop bin weevils continuing with updates! On first look, Bin Pet Paradise is amazing! Here is the new bin map: new bin mao Now, this is a new kind of Bin Area. It has 2 sides to it, but no central area to go to. Both sides have access to the Bin Pet Shop On The Left is Pet Style and The Bin Pet Temple:

bpp left

The Left side of Bin Pet Paradise!

Unfortunately, the Bin Pet Temple replica is not open at the moment, so you are greeted with this screen:

bin pet temple mysteries coming soon

This is the screen you are greeted with when you click the Bin Pet Temple Replica.

What lies behind this sign? We don’t know. I have some incline to believe it will be something to do with the return of SWS Missions, rather than case files.

Next to that is PetStyle. When it is clicked, you are greeted with this screen:

pet style launch screen

The PetStyle Launch Screen

Firstly, Lets look at Pet Studio:

Your pet can now wear clothes! They don’t appear when you walk around the bin, but when others click on your pet, they do!

At first you are supplied with a few items, like Tink’s Jacket, sunglasses, a beard etc

You can click and drag items onto your pet, and dress them however you like!

pet studio

Just click and drag the Items you want

Click the different categories to see different types of clothing!

Don’t like what you have? Click shop and spend some Dosh to buy some more! There are not very many at the moment, but soon they will add some more.

The Pet Studio Shop

The Pet Studio Shop

Once you’ve got the look you want, click the camera button:

selected look pet studio

Click the tick when your sure

Next, Go to the gallery (Middle button). If you have just taken the picture you will need to get out of pet style and back in. If it still says please wait, get out of pet style for a few minutes. Go back in, and click your selected picture.

gallery pet studioClick the profile button to make it your bin pet’s profile picture!

Bin Pet Changer

You can now change the colour of your pet, no matter what the time of year, for the last 2 years, a special bin pet changer has been appearing at the Halloween and Christmas Parties. Now you can change it anytime!bpc

It’s just like the Bin Pet creator in The Bin Pet Shop.

Now let’s go over to the right side of Bin Pet Paradise:right side of bpp

The only place you can currently get to from here is GymPet, This is a new bin pet aerobics game! It increases your bin pets fitness. The only way to explain this properly is a video…

Cool hu?

The Safari is opening next year, but that’s not far away! Only 22 days until 2014!

The next update is to our player cards. If you have a bin pet, even if they are not with you, a bin pet icon will appear on your player card…

bin pets on bw player cards

When clicked your bin pets profile is shown, but that’s had an update…

bin pet player card with bw icon

They have bin weevils icons, which when clicked, show our profiles!

And the final update is to The Bin Pet Shop. It’s no longer located at The Shopping Mall, it’s now in Bin Pet Paradise. It was suppost to be called the PetCot Centre but it seems like they dropped that name.

bin pet shop bpp

Now, there are 2 arrows, to go to each side of Bin Pets Paradise and there is a new tube to go to the shopping mall (little update there too). Also, For Bin Tycoon Members, there is a new ‘VIP Gift Set’ Icon. In this, you get 3 free Bin Pet nest items!

vip gold fift pet screen


Mulchy seems very happy with his new nest items!

Mulchy seems very happy with his new nest items!

Also, just as a minor update, the Bin Pet Shop in the shopping mall has been placed with a transport to Bin Pet Paradise. It, currently, takes you to the tube in the Bin Pet Shop, Marked, shopping mall. You can get back through the shopping mall tube too.

sm bbp


Gosh, after a Whole Week (Yes, a Whole week!) of writing this post, I’m finally done! Hope I’ve helped you get the most out of Bin Pet Paradise!

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I'm the Geek of the Bin Weevils world, always coming up with new ideas for the Bin Weevils world. I'm the Owner/CEO of Infinite Galaxies, and I created The Muddy Times in 2012, and Bin Weevils TV in early 2014. I now co-own Weevily Wonder, through Infinite Galaxies. I have been playing Bin Weevils for around 5 years, I've seen features come and go, and It's great to see how far we have come. I plan to let everyone else be able to see the old bin with a documentary on Bin Weevils TV.

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  2. XPWINNER6556 says:

    Hey Mackied, do you want to join my blog?

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