Tink Here! Mackied Is Missing!


It’s me, Tink! I was talking to Mackied, when the ghost appeared and weevilnapped him! I’m here to make sure the ghost doesn’t completely take over.

I’m sure I can get Clott to help out with this site too, but at the moment, we need to work out what happened to Mackied!

mackied missing tink talking

As the ghost floated away with Mackied, they dropped this note.

note from ghosts

I know the ghost has got access to post, so I will let them post, and we will be able to find Mackied.

Until then, other puzzles will be posted by me to help us find Mackied and defeat the ghost! If you think you know anything email tink@themuddytimes.co.uk



Hi! I'm Tink! I'm helping the muddy times while mackied is missing!

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