Scribbles Super Antenna Story

Hey Bin Weevils!

I’m still having computer problems, but I’m able to use this computer for a bit so I’m Okay for now.

Anyway, The super antenna quest is coming soon, and you will be able to earn your self super antennas! I’m so exited! I wonder if we can keep them after the party ends?  We will find out soon enough. So, I thought i we reproduce what the story of how Scribbles got his amazing Super Antennas.

This is also were our weevily quests will begin…

scribbles with other weevils


All my fans and reader always ask “Where did you get your amazing antenna?” It’s true, I do stand out in the crowd, with mu antenna so tall and multicoloured. I’ve never told anyone the whole story until now, mostly because I didn’t think anyone would believe me!

scribbles at flums scribbles super antenna


But Now, dear readers, I want to tell you the tale…

Here’s what I wrote in my journal that fateful day…

scribbles on isalnd

It all started on Mulch Island. I was hanging out at the beach, eating ice cream, chatting to my friends, when I feel a strange tingling in my antenna (It was grey, back then…) I didn’t know what it meant, but it almost felt like it was pulling me forward! I know that it was the pull of island magic.

scribbles boat scribbles on another island scribbles at slingshot island

I Hopped into my boat and I floated to a small island I’d never seen before. I remembered the Recluse telling me about islands that came and went, disappearing in a flash… islands that only appeared on certain days of the year. I never believed those tales, but now I wondered.

looking at island


I got out of my boat and wondered around for a while, looking for the source of the strange energy, Suddenly I came across a shiny key. I picked it up. It glimmered in my hand, I knew it was meant for me…

I got back into my boat and floated over to another island.

scribbles slingshot 2


and there, near a rock, I found a treasure chest. I put the key in the lock and inside, there was a gem. A gem that shone as bright as the sun!

As soon as I touched the gem, my antenna burst into five colourful strands, just like a firework. It didn’t hurt at all! I saw my reflection in the water and I now had…  A SUPER ANTENNA!

I found more treasure on the islands, but that’s a story for another day…

You might wonder why I’m telling you this now. Well, it’s because recently, I felt that strange tingling in my antenna again.

It means, my friends, those magic islands are back! And this time, it could be YOU who finds that amazing gem…

scribbles slingshot island big


How cool is that!? We will be able to get super antennas! I wonder if we can change the combination of colours? That would be cool!

What do you think? comment below!

I will be posting as much as I can, so, all 4 of my projects will be done by the end of the month.

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I'm the Geek of the Bin Weevils world, always coming up with new ideas for the Bin Weevils world. I'm the Owner/CEO of Infinite Galaxies, and I created The Muddy Times in 2012, and Bin Weevils TV in early 2014. I now co-own Weevily Wonder, through Infinite Galaxies. I have been playing Bin Weevils for around 5 years, I've seen features come and go, and It's great to see how far we have come. I plan to let everyone else be able to see the old bin with a documentary on Bin Weevils TV.

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