Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor!

Hey Bin Weevils / Doctor Who Fans!

Warning: Nothing To With Bin Weevils!

Now, you probably wont know, but I am a Geek. Yes, that’s what people say to make fun of people, but to me, it’s a compliment, because I really am.  🙂

Anyway,  One of the things I am definitely a Geek of, is Doctor Who. Tomorrow is going to an amazing day to the Doctor Who Universe.

As you may know, The Doctor is the last of a species called the time lords, from Gallifrey, when their body dies, they just ‘Regenerate’ Into a new one, David Tennant used to play the Doctor, but his Doctor regenerated into the current Doctor, played by Matt Smith. He just glows in a yellow light and becomes the next actor.

The Last 2 Doctors

On The Left is the previous doctor, played by David Tennant And The Current, soon to be previous Doctor, Played By Matt Smith, is on the right.

In June, Matt Smith announced he was leaving Doctor Who. Since then, there has been speculation, leaks etc. But No-one really knows.

The New doctor is usually the most secret thing in Television.  It is part of Britain, it’s probably the most long lasting TV show ever!

Fun fact: the first episode was aired on the 23rd of November 1963, and this year is the 50th anniversary. Also, the 23rd of November is my Birthday in real life! This year I will be watching a special episode of doctor who on my brithday! I also share a birthday with Bradley Steven Perry, who plays Gabe in Good Luck Charlie.

Now tomorrow, a one of special show is happening:

Doctor Who LIVE: The Next Doctor

In this live show, BBC will announce the new actor to play the Doctor. I am very exited!

The show starts at 19:00 (7PM) tomorrow, and you can bet I will be watching it. To help you I will enbed the live strad to autoaticly post at 18:65, to make sure the post is up. I’m not completely sure if i can embed iPlayer, but I will try, if not the post will say that I coudn’t embed it, or it will link to the iPlayer website. Soon After I will post my thought (probably Monday)

Sorry if you were expecting a bin weevils post(which you probably were), but I needed to post about this, this is a massive part of British culture.

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I'm the Geek of the Bin Weevils world, always coming up with new ideas for the Bin Weevils world. I'm the Owner/CEO of Infinite Galaxies, and I created The Muddy Times in 2012, and Bin Weevils TV in early 2014. I now co-own Weevily Wonder, through Infinite Galaxies. I have been playing Bin Weevils for around 5 years, I've seen features come and go, and It's great to see how far we have come. I plan to let everyone else be able to see the old bin with a documentary on Bin Weevils TV.

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11 comments on “Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor!
  1. sponggoo5000 says:

    AWESOME! I cannot wait! I also am a massive fan of Doctor Who, although I can’t watch the TV programme that announces the new Doctor as I (gasps of horror) do not have a TV license! Actually, when you’ve watched it, mackied, can you email me who the new Doctor is?

  2. Maren says:

    Ooh I can’t wait to find out who it is!

  3. phurple says:

    Im a massive fan of Amy and Rory, I hate that they were killed of. I like the way that in the last ep you understood how Jenna Louise Colman was in darlecks and Victorian time 🙂

  4. I LOVE DOCTOR WHO! I was watching is all morning 😛

  5. judisue says:

    I’m well pleased you posted this or I’d’ve missed this on tv tonight because I had no idea it was on! 😀 Thank you! 🙂

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