Bin rumour about tycoon Island and The Summer Fair!

Hello binweevil’s!

I have noticed Mudd and Glamm are not going to be in Tycoon Island and I think the Summer fair will be in Tycoon Island!

I have some evidence’s!




It say’s that Rigg was scouting out location on Tycoon Island!


Mudd and Glamm are not usually on Flum’s Fountain! It say’s that Mudd and Glamm are visiting us in Flum’s Fountain not Tycoon Island!

So those are evidence’s! This rumour may not be right !

When The Summer Fair comes to The Bin I think there will be new food’s,Lab’s New invention’s  and prize’s for your nest’s!( It say’s on the Weekly Weevil)

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An original post by raxel999!

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