Chip8967-Liam Joins The muddy times bin weevils help-blog

Hello Bin Weevils 

I have been recently added to this blog as a trial run bases because i could be deleted!

Here is my introduction post

My name is Chip8967-Liam and i am the creator of weekly weevil blog and i am co-owner of bin weevils broadcasters and i work on other bin weevils blogs. Mackied recently added me as a contributor which means i can not add photos i or links, My weevil name is Chip8967 and i am very popular on bin weevils my main place where i met fans and buddies is at Flum’s fountain because i like meeting fans and collecting xp and mulch. I am a bin tycoon member with seven rooms and lots for hats and dosh. 

I am a very good blogger and my blogging skills have grown very good i am a very good learner. I love writing and bringing you the news everyday!

Contact me:

If you need to ask me a question about bin weevils or need help getting around the bin, or any feedback please email me at this address,


Want to follow me and ask a question click the link below!


Want to like my official Facebook page or write to me click the link below

(i would normally put links but i am a contributor for now but soon i might get to be a author if my post is great)

Thanks for reading a post by


(i would have pictures of my weevil)


Hello there. I'm Dumdawg, a Bin Weevils blogger and player. I love to write about the wonderful world of Bin Weevils, I enjoy creating fantastic posts for readers to enjoy. I own Weevily Wonder, a Bin Weevils fan site reporting the latest news from the Binscape.

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6 comments on “Chip8967-Liam Joins The muddy times bin weevils help-blog
  1. Mackied says:

    I can insert some images if you want.

  2. Mackied says:

    You also need to do some whats new blog posts too.

  3. He needs to put the ‘i’s in capital letters.

  4. I have done the whats new post mackied just waiting for your review say if it is good

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