Hiya, I’m beano150 and helping on this site!

Hi there, my name is beano150 and I’m helping here on The Muddy Times!

If we’re gonna be mates, there’s some things you HAVE to know about me! Here’s a few facts!:


  • The Beano!
  • Dennis & Gnasher!
  • Bin Weevils

I do have more likes but I’d be here all day if I told you.



  • SCHOOL (Top of the list as it’s my least favourite thing of all!)
  • Homework
  • Soppy Softies
  • Teachers
  • Being bossed about
  • The holidays ending & Going back to school!








Keep On Weeviling, and comment with any questions you have for me!





Hi, I'm beano150 ! I am a kind and genorous person who likes listening to your stories! I am always in the mood for a joke, I even laugh at ones I have heard before!

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5 comments on “Hiya, I’m beano150 and helping on this site!
  1. Sprite44 says:

    Welcome to the team beano!

  2. beano150 says:

    Thanks sprite44 !

    Fact: Cockroaches can live up to ONE WEEK even when there heads been chopped off! Do you think they go running about saying wheres me head?? Wheres me head??

    Thanks, Please Reply As Soon As Possible!

    From beano150

    PS: I found out that fact from Dennis & Gnasher on FUNKIDS!


  3. Sprite44 says:

    Beano why have you shut your blog down!

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